Areas of Expertise



• Proposal and defense of actions in all areas of Private Law;
• Case follow-up at any Jurisdiction or Court;
• Procedural advice, development of opinions, and legal risk assessment.



• Preparation of business contracts;
• Negotiation of agreements aiming at solving pending cases;
• Representation in litigation concerning collection;
• Credit recovery;
• Legal advice regarding corporate issues: preparation of contracts, articles of incorporation, opinions and drafting of minutes • follow-up of shareholder’s meetings;
• Legal advice related to questions concerning mergers and consolidation;
• Legal advice related to actions aimed at asset profitability.



• Preparation of real estate contracts: purchase and sell, contract jobs, loan for use, lease, hypothecation, payment into court;
• Regularization of documents of urban and rural real estate at the competent agencies;
• Follow-up of actions based on ownership and property, such as acquisitive prescription, repossession and maintenance of properties, compulsory judicial confirmation of ownership, claims, demarcation;
• Legal advice concerning incorporations, condominiums and land subdivisions;
• Legal analysis of the technical viability of real estate developments;
• Legal planning of complex real estate developments: real estate for temporary business lease • fairs and conferences • hotels and leisure real estate;
• Development of legal documents for commercializing real estate: standard form contracts, purchase and sell, approval of folders for launching real estate projects pursuant to current law [consumer, city law];
• Preparation of opinions aimed at adapting real estate developments to sustainability requirements;
• Legal advice regarding the processes of L.E.E.D Certification [Green Building Council];
• Legal planning of shopping malls, including the analysis of legal viability of the project regarding local laws • development of acts of incorporation, standard form contracts and deeds;
• Regular legal advice of shopping malls as regards litigation and consulting, in the ares of real estate law, civil law, and consumer relations.



• Legal advice for prevention an litigation concerning issues regarding urban land lots;
• Legal advice in questions related to land use, city rulings, zoning laws and master plan;
• Legal advice regarding “Urban Operations”: issuing of CEPACs [certificates of potential additional constructions];
• Neighbor rights;
• Legal advice concerning real estate developments in questions related do Urban Law and neighbor conflicts;
• Advice in questions regarding Environmental Law and Sustainability [Solid Waste Law, 12.305/2010]
• Reverse Logistics • “LEED” Certification [US GBC]
• Sustainability and Consumer Rights
• Carbon credit market [Kyoto Protocol]
• Environmental licensing.



• Creative industries • Trademarks and patents in the entertainment field • Creative Commons;
• General Law on Communication • Radio and TV Concessions • Cable and Telecommunications Law • New media and legal challenges • Federal laws for the Incentive of Culture • State Laws for the Incentive of Culture • Work contracts [artists, technicians, musicians] • Co-production contracts done under the International Treaties on Production • Analysis of international entertainment contracts [shows, cinema, radio and TV] • Sport Fan Law • Sport Contracts;
• Preparation of contracts related to copyright law: transfer and licensing of rights • editing contract • contracts of production of films, phonographic or video-phonographic recordings • advertising films, hiring of artists, interpreters and performers • contracts of production of independent TV programs • contracts and transfer of rights regarding audiovisual production • contracts of commercialization and distribution of audiovisual works;
• Critical analysis under the legal viewpoint of screenplays, storyboards, scripts, writings and other works that need protections;
• Legal measures regarding non-authorized or abusive reproduction of intellectual works;
• Legal advice and representation of artists, interpreters and performers, aiming at protecting their works;
• Image rights; preparation of contracts of user of physical image, voice and other personal characteristics • legal measures related to the protection of image rights and personal characteristics.



• Legal follow-up of processes of radio and TV broadcasting station concession and concession renewal;
• Follow-up of administrative processes regarding ANATEL and the Ministry of Communications;
• General advice for TV stations: contracts for transmitting independent programs; compliance with instructions by the Government’s Attorney Office and ANATEL;
• Actions related to the exercise of freedom of expression: moral damages and losses caused by television programs • public civil action and administrative measures related to the Ministry of Communications and ANATEL;
• Publicity and Advertising on Radio and TV: compliance with the ANVISA rulings for advertising medicines and drugs • Consumer Rights and Terms for Conduct Adjustment to the Government’s Attorney Office • Regularization of draws, promotions and sales by means of radio and television;
• Radio broadcasting and Election Law: follow-up and advising for radio and TV stations aimed at complying with election laws and transmission of programs of political parties • defense of interests of broadcasting stations as regards the Election Law and political parties;
• Regular and routine advice for radio and television broadcasting stations regarding issues of commercial nature: collection, contracts, issuing of opinions etc.
• Advice for consultation or regarding disputes or press agencies, and defense of their interests, especially when it concerns freedom of expression.



• Agricultural contracts;
• Preparation of contracts and opinions related to the Law for the Protection of Varieties of Plants [Law 9.547/1997] and the National System of Seeds and Seedlings [Law 10.711/2003]; production, authorization and licensing of agricultural species;
• Legal advice – consultative and regarding litigation – focused on the compliance with the demands of agencies supervising agricultural activities;
• Law practice, both consultative and litigation, for the defense of interest of companies working with agriculture and biotechnology applied to agriculture;
• Legal advice related to environmental licensing for agricultural activities;
• Legal advice in questions concerning import and export of seeds and plant varieties in general;
• Legal advice in questions related to technology exchange in producing plant varieties, both nationally and internationally.



• Legal advice focused on defining strategies for the company to comply with consumer laws;
• Legal advice related to adapting products, contracts and marketing material to the norms of the Consumer Defense Code;
• Legal advice concerning advertising products subject to government supervision [medicines, toys, alcoholic drinks];
• Legal and administrative defense of suppliers of products and services;
• Legal advice favoring suppliers of products and services at agencies for consumer defense [Government’s Attorney Office, Procon – Consumer Rights Organization].



• Inventory of assets • Change of community property regime • Sharing of assets;
• Marriage annulment and nullification;
• Judicial and extrajudicial divorce • Judicial and extrajudicial separation • Separation of bodies;
• Custody of minor children [settling, regulation, changes];
• Confirmation of foreign divorce decree;
• Investigation of paternity • Denial of paternity;
• Judicial interdiction;
• Premarital agreement;
• Alimony [setting, offer, increase, decrease, review, disburdening];
• Visit regime agreement [settling, regulation, changes];
• Steady union [contract/ dissolution of union];

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